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Varicose Vein Treatment Medicare Santa Rosa, CA | Five Reasons That Fall Is A Favorite Time For Varicose Vein Treatment

The first day of fall has arrived and so has cooler weather. Now is a perfect time to seek treatment for varicose veins.

Beginning treatment in the fall or winter months prepares your legs for summer when you want to wear shorts again, spend time at the beach and feel confident about how your legs look.

Below are five reasons to seek varicose vein treatment in the fall.

1. Life slows down

Generally, for the first couple of weeks after varicose vein treatment, there are some restrictions regarding exercise and movement. This is because strenuous activity can result in the treated veins reopening. Everyone tends to be more active in the spring and summer, so it makes sense to undergo the procedure when the weather can be inclement, and you are more likely to take it easy. Cooler weather also means there is more time to spend inside, which gives your legs more time to heal. Plus, there is less pressure for you to wear clothes that expose your legs.

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