joel-profile-full-022715-150I love what I do and I have a lot of fun doing it. Science and technology fascinate me, especially as they relate to human physiology. I appreciate being part of a profession that is on a quest to improve the human condition. My role within the medical profession is that of a “clinician”, a doctor who interprets numerous data inputs in order to allow an individual, or a family, the opportunity to make educated decisions about their health. My natural abilities, enhanced with thoroughly practiced skills, are in communicating with people. I listen and try to understand. Patients frequently thank me for taking the time to listen. I strive to help, whether through education, advice, or the offer of therapeutic action.

Vascular treatment procedures are part of what I do, and because the results bloom so quickly, this part of my work tends to bring me a joy that I can share with others. All aspects of my work are dependent on the knowledge and skills and sacrifice of those who came before me, yet they also each allow me an artistic expression with my own style. No wonder I feel so fortunate.

I have lived in California all of my life, initially in the East Bay (Oakland and Moraga), then, during college years, at Stanford. I lived in Los Angeles for two years before starting medical school at U.C. San Diego, where I stayed for 10 years of medical education. When I settled in Santa Rosa in 1989 I was the first fellowship-trained interventional cardiologist in the North Bay. For many years I was the highest volume operator of coronary artery procedures at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. In recent years I have taken less heart emergency call than in the past, while keeping my office practice busy and thriving, including with the 2006 addition of state-of-the-art venous disease diagnosis and treatment and the 2009 addition of brain artery ultrasound imaging to the practice.

I enjoy family life with my wife and three children. We have traveled to many exotic places. I like swimming and biking and hiking and gym workouts. Team sports entertain me, as does reading, especially history.