ABC News: Novato Surgeon Uses New Treatment for Varicose Veins


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The Super-Specialist

Dr Joel Erickson, MDJoel Erickson M.D. defines what it means to be a super-specialist. From his core specialty of cardiology to his subspecialty of interventional cardiology, Dr. Erickson has evolved to become a super-specialist in the field of venous disease. Maximum experience. Maximum credentials. Maximum passion for what he does. This is who you should choose for diagnosing and intervening-upon your venous condition.

The Skin-Enhancement Artist

arleneArlene Padilla is the poster-nurse for an optimal Skin-Enhancement Therapist. Combining artistic flair, a wealth of experience, a natural talent, and the world’s top high-tech equipment, Arlene’s difference-making skills are why you should choose Laser Light Treatment Center for your skin-enhancement needs.