A new branch of modern medicine, dedicated to understanding and interrupting the aging process, is starting to produce tangible results, including in the cosmetic arena.  Anti-aging treatments involving skin, muscle, fat, and blood vessels are truly coming of age!

The use of laser, light, and heat sources to tighten skin is playing an increasingly important role in the quest to restore a youthful appearance to aging skin.  Compared to the surgical option, these modalities offer minimal interruption of daily life while consistently showing improvements in cases of mild to moderate skin laxity.  When skin tightening treatments are coupled with Botox, injectable fillers, topical agents, and laser/light treatments of skin discolorations, the full spectrum of anti-aging skin technology is available.

As medical science comes to further and more completely understand the anatomic and physiologic substrates of the aging process, further advances are likely.

Laser Light Treatment Center is committed to maintaining the skill set and capital investments necessary to remain a destination location for patients who seek the best in anti-aging therapies.  When you consult with our physicians, come prepared, if you wish, for an educational discussion of all aspects of aging.  We are committed to providing our patients with the best possible advice and treatment options.