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Varicose Vein Surgery Santa Rosa | Do I Need Surgery for Varicose Veins?

The first line of treatment for your varicose veins — those knotty, enlarged, and discolored veins caused by blood pooling in the legs — usually involves lifestyle changes and compression stockings.

But you might need a medical procedure. Your doctor may recommend this if your varicose veins cause:

  • Severe pain
  • Skin problems
  • Blood clots

Some people also choose to have procedures to improve the looks of their legs.

Which Procedure Is Right for Me?

How will you and your doctor decide which procedure is the best choice for you? You will have to weigh several things in making that decision. Among them:

  • Your age and how healthy you are overall
  • The extent of your varicose veins
  • Your symptoms
  • How well you might do with specific procedures
  • Your goals and opinions about how you look and feel
  • What the doctor expects your condition to be in the future

Be sure to talk with your doctor if you have any questions about procedures in which you will be given anesthesia (a type of medical treatment that stops you from feeling pain during surgery). Your doctor may talk to you about “local anesthesia,” which blocks pain in just a small part of your body, or “general anesthesia,” in which you’re not awake during the surgery.

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