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Foot Pain Can Be Caused By Varicose Veins

Symptoms of varicose veins often include; itching, burning, aches, muscle fatigue, cramping, restless leg syndrome, and leg heaviness.

Foot pain while walking is not always caused by plantar fasciitis, a clinical surgeon in Taipei said, adding that varicose veins can also cause pain when walking and are more common in women.

Most people think that varicose veins form in the calves, but when they occur on the sole of the foot the symptoms can be similar to plantar fasciitis, Yu said, adding that the condition is called atypical plantar fasciitis.

Atypical plantar fasciitis can be treated by compression therapy, sclerotherapy or surgery, and patients should discuss with their doctors which method is best for their condition, Yu said.

Varicose veins often cause numbness, pain and fatigue in the legs.



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