Chemical peels are an essential part of the armamentarium of any aesthetic medical practice.  Chemical peels work much like other ablative technologies:  a skin injury is created, in this case a diffuse chemical-induced inflammation of the upper few microns of the skin, then healing takes place, and with the healing comes white blood cells that bring chemicals and lay matrix.  Ultimately, this injury and healing process results in skin resurfacing with the following potential outcomes:

  • Softer, smoother, and younger looking skin
  • Reduction of scars from acne and other blemishes
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improvement of hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Leveling of skin tone.


Laser Light Treatment Center offers a variety of medical grade chemical peels, and is continually working to find the most effective products as this field of aesthetic medicine evolves.

The chemical peels used at Laser Light Treatment Center are high grade prescription products that are dosed at mild to medium strength.  These peels will bring skin redness that sometimes crusts and stings for a day or two.  Expect a two day “downtime” due to skin redness, but no limitations on activities other than avoidance of sun and certain topical products.