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VIM & VIGR Knee High Compression Socks Make Fashion Statement

Varicose veins often cause numbness, pain and fatigue in the legs.

The bio-tech and pharmaceutical sales rep – still working her day job – discovered that compression socks decrease ankle swelling and muscle soreness; stunt the progression of spider and varicose veins; aid in muscle stabilization and recovery; and reduce the formation of blood clots and the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Huie also learned that while clinical studies prove the effectiveness of graduated compression socks, the term compression was/is loosely regulated.

“True high-functioning, gradient grade compression socks – tight at the ankle, loose up the calf – should work as an external, therapeutic pressure that increases circulation and facilitates stagnant blood flow.”After extensive research, Huie found a veteran manufacturer who worked with advanced gradient pressure knitting technology.

She learned the process of “threading ratios” of nylon, moisture-wick nylon, cotton and wool to design a myriad of styles, patterns, sizes and colors for her socks to mimic the perfect sock drawer.

Symptoms of varicose veins often include; itching, burning, aches, muscle fatigue, cramping, restless leg syndrome, and leg heaviness.


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