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Vanishing Varicose Veins Using Laser Surgery

Varicose veins can be caused be weakened valves in the veins or weakened walls of the veins, or by inflammation in the veins (phlebitis).

Typical varicose vein surgery involves a scalpel incision, and then a large needle and sheath pass a laser catheter into the blood vessel. This can leave small scars, especially on dark skin.

David Greuner, M.D., a cardiovascular surgeon at NYC Surgical Associates explained, “When these people have a lot of venous disease and require a lot of little incisions, it can lead to quite a disfiguring result on somebody that wants their legs addressed for cosmetic reasons as well.”

Dr. Greuner has invented No Knife. It uses only a much smaller needle, containing a very thin laser fiber that contracts and repairs the vein, a stark contrast in the two needle sizes and in the scarring results.

Varicose veins can form anywhere in the body, but they are most often located in the legs.



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