PRP is not just for Tiger Woods and other elite athletes! The healing factors present in this serum, taken from your own blood, is bringing marvelous improvements to the facial skin of our patients at Laser Light.

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The process is simple: your blood is drawn, about 10 cc, into a tube with a special chemical that helps in the separation of plasma from cells. Your blood is then spun in a centrifuge, allowing us to obtain a serum that is rich in platelets. This platelet rich serum is full of cells and chemicals that promote healing and work to resolve ongoing inflammation. PRP is helping with tendonitis, arthritis, hair follicle growth, and skin rejuvenation.

At Laser Light Treatment Center we inject PRP into the skin of the face, forehead, and neck using microneedling technique. In Southern California, they call this the “Hollywood Stem Cell Facelift”. We call the results impressive. Call us for an appointment to discuss this high-tech anti-aging technology option that promotes youthful-looking skin.