Tiny red, blue, and purple veins of the nose and face, commonly known as telangiectasias, occur in 10-15% of adults and children and can become more prominent under the influence of estrogen, corticosteroids, alcohol, and sun exposure.

Fortunately, these facial veins are extremely amenable to laser treatments.  In addition, Laser Light  Treatment Center has the optimal equipment and an extensive experience with these veins, such that patients with this problem can have great hope for complete resolution they proceed with treatment.

Treatment consists of the careful application of laser light  pulses directly onto the specific vein, resulting in destruction of the vessel without surrounding skin damage.   At times, intense pulsed light (IPL) is also administered.

Sun exposure and tanning lotions should be avoided for a few weeks prior to treatments.  No other special precaution or preparation is needed.  A topically applied anesthetic cream is sometimes used.  Multiple sessions are typically required for complete nose and face vein removal, usually 4 to 6 weeks apart.