Micro Needling Pictures and Progress
Posted on November 17, 2015
by moonstoneskincare

For those of you who attended our Health & Wellness Panel on November 12, you witnessed me (Rochell) receive a micro needling treatment, where a hyaluronic acid serum was pressed into my face via a handheld tool that contained several tiny needles. In addition to infusing the serum into my skin, the micro needles create a controlled injury to the skin that sends a signal to your body that the area needs to be repaired. It helps to stimulate collagen production, even your skin’s texture, and help it to appear smoother and more radiant. Click here to read entire blog post.

When Dr. Joel Erickson invented a new method to close large varicose veins without surgery, Channel 7 sent a team out to Laser Light Treatment Center and ran the story on the evening news.

When Laser Light Treatment Center purchased the Pelleve Wrinkle Wand, Channel 2 came to Novato and ran the story on the evening news.