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Leg Vein Removal Santa Rosa CA| What can be done about varicose veins, and when is surgery considered?

Recommendations for the relief of varicose vein symptoms include wearing support socks or stockings and moving or elevating your legs. If that doesn’t help enough, a surgical procedure can be done to seal off or remove the varicose veins.

Most varicose veins don’t cause any symptoms. But they sometimes cause itching or painful, tired or swollen legs. To reduce the symptoms, it’s a good idea to

  • avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time,
  • move around as much as possible in everyday life so that you activate the muscles in your legs, which stimulates the flow of blood,
  • elevate your legs when you sit so it’s easier for blood to flow back to the heart,
  • avoid crossing your legs so that the blood vessels don’t get pinched.

If it itches, it may be helpful to put a moisturizing cream on your legs because dry skin tends to be itchier.

Overweight people who have varicose veins are often advised to lose weight since being overweight is considered to be a risk factor. But there’s no proof that losing weight helps in people who already have varicose veins.

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