Fractional ablation carries a long record of success in the world of facial aesthetics.  Starting with the well-known “Fraxel”™ brand and evolving to improved present day products, fractional ablation reduces wrinkles, promotes skin tightening, and helps to eliminate blemishes and scars.  One of the newest technologies at the Laser Light Treatment Center is the E-Matrix™ fractional ablation technique.

E-Matrix ™ is our “go-to” aggressive technology for facial skin restoration and a critical part of our success in treatment of acne scars.

Fractional ablation works by creating columns of destruction of the skin, to prescribed depths, while leaving interspersed columns of skin free of destruction.  These un-ablated columns retain the necessary vascular and cellular components to allow healing in the destroyed columns.  As with so many aesthetic technologies, injury followed by healing brings forward obvious improvements to the skin.

E-Matrix™ was chosen at Laser Light Treatment Center, over many other fractional ablation technologies, including CO2 lasers, because it offers the safest and most consistent destructive properties, including the ability to provide fractional ablation to our Hispanic and Asian patients.

An E-Matrix™ fractional ablation treatment requires no prep and it takes about one-half hour to treat the face and neck which will show some redness for up to a day post-procedure.